Monday, January 2, 2017

Scrufty's Progress

Scrufty's ProgressI am very pleased with Scrufty's progress after her dental surgery. Unfortunately, I only have a photo of Scrufty in her cage from right after her surgery. Recently, we let her out of the cage, allowing her to move about in our back room, active and seemingly quite happy.

She has started a new behavior - pacing back and forth before my husband to entice him to pet her. She purrs and really leans into his attentions that way. She has always been so stand-offish. This is such great progress! She is still eating well. I can hardly wait for her followup visit with the vet to confirm how well she is doing.

I am so grateful that many fellow bloggers have donated enough for me to have a little over 1/3 of the vet bill paid.

Please keep praying for her. She is finished with her meds for now. Her infection was so extensive in her body that I am sure she is going to be mending for quite some time. I am working on boosting her immune system. Also, I'm giving her higher concentrations of protein since that was the only factor which showed up as severely lacking from her blood test - low protein levels.

Thanks for commenting. And have a blessed day!

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