Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The Items or Foods You Never Let Your Cat Eat

Although cat may seem to be more resilient than dogs, where their digestive processes are concerned they are approximately about the same. A cat reacts much the same to some foods as dogs and often the reaction may be fatal.

As with aspirin or valium pills, they can kill your pet very quickly and painfully, so if you think your dog or cat has a headache or they are very agitated the best thing is to take them to a vet and have the problem looked at.

Medicatons for animals may sound very similar to one you yourself take, but they do not contain all the substances the human drug does and far less of anything pain either relief or antibiotic.

Humans often are on diets, of which tuna is a major food for the human, but it is not the same as the tuna your cat eats, and your cat will suffer malnutrition should you decide to feed her what you yourself are eating. The human tuna does not have the vitamins and minerals that your cat need to help his and her bones body remain healthy, and therefore he or she will suffer slow starvation.

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