Monday, January 9, 2017

Trimming Cat Claws

Trimming Cat ClawsI tend to put off trimming the claws of the ones who will allow it. I can totally understand why so many of my friends who have cats as pets never try to trim the nails. I can distract Panther and Angelina Stripe and they will not fight me. But they squirm allot. Tabby and Scrufty are so fussy about holding them and headstrong that I have never even tried it with them. With Tiger Lily, if my husband gets a towel around her legs tightly I can get some of hers clipped. But she pushes with all of her might. (Previously I actually tried to do it casually while she was resting - no way would she allow it). It's such a nightmare that I am constantly procrastinating this task. But I keep an eye on them - would not want them to get ingrown - none of them get outside to reap the benefits of concrete, macadam and stone.
I often find Tiger Lily biting off the tips of her nails. She is the only one who does this. I would be interested to learn if anyone knows if this practice is good or bad for her. I did a little research and could not find anything on this. Please leave me a comment or two if you know anything about this.
Here are some links - two videos and an article - on the practice of clipping cat claws. Just click on the words to get there. In the videos it looks like the cat subjects are very compliant. I can only imagine what a delight that must be!

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