Saturday, January 7, 2017

Three Foster Friends

Three Foster FriendsWe have three cats that we are fostering - Stripe (tortoise shell) was formerly feral; Scrufty (medium hair tabby) was abandoned; and Panther (black domestic short hair) was abandoned. Stripe has been healthy and happy since we domesticated her. Scrufty has the newly exciting adventure of being able to smell the smells of cats and dogs that waft into the area around our cat run every day. Her sense of smell used to be blocked by a severe throat infection (Stomatitis) which we did not catch until we started bringing her inside and got her to the vet. She used to eat very infrequently, which was probably because it hurt to chew and swallow. She had to have all but 4 teeth removed. Panther had bad gums, too, with the Caleci virus. So now that she is a toothless wonder, she is inflammation free. Panther really loves to be pet. She purrs so strongly that sometimes we call her 'Motor Head'. Despite being deprived of teeth, Panther and Scrufty even eat dry cat food, which totally surprised me. I don't know the age of Scrufty and Panther. But due to things the vet said about their muscle mass, they are probably no more than 6 years old, maybe less. All of our Three Mousecateers seem very happy and active.

We are hoping to find each of these cats a good home in the vicinity of Prescott Valley and Prescott Arizona. If you know anyone in this area looking for an adult cat, please contact me and leave a message on my voice mail.

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