Thursday, January 5, 2017

Scrufty is Recovering Well

Scrufty is Recovering WellJust to update you, Scrufty is doing well after her surgery. It is so wonderful to see her eating frequently throughout the day. She was never a good eater before, probably because of all of the infection in her mouth and throat. The vet said her throat was so swollen that he had trouble getting a tube in for the procedure. It must have been extremely painful for her to eat before. I feel sick when I think of how long she must have suffered before I found out about her problem.

It used to be she would only eat every other day. And now she has been eating about 3 times a day! I am hoping she will put on some weight. She is only 4 pounds. So tiny and frail.

She still sleeps allot. But when she is awake she seems a little more alert.

Thank you all for your contributions of thoughts, prayers and donations. I have 1/3 of the vet bill thanks to some very kind people.

May all of your kitties be healthy and happy!

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