Saturday, January 7, 2017

Tabby Plays and Unusual Game "Smack Down"

Tabby Plays and Unusual Game "Smack Down"
have the tendency not to write much about our Tabby (Tabatha) because she's really her daddy's girl (daddy is husband Stew who takes our photos). She sleeps on him at night. And she sticks to him like a dog during the day. Sometimes he has her on his lap while he's at the computer. She just turned five years old and truly is a sweetheart - overall a very gentle cat.

Since we got a cat tower, Tabby has taken to laying in it and expecting my husband to throw her a small, soft ball. I wish we could get a video of what she does. Usually she swats it right back to Stew as if she were a professional handball player. If he does not throw it in the right spot, she often catches it with both paws. And sometimes she rears up to smack it, which is why I dubbed this game "Smack Down". (Above you can see her on her side in the smack down pose.)

I never knew of a cat who likes to play ball with her owners. Tabby is a sheer joy to watch. I have no idea how she acquired these skills since she was meeting with the ball consistently without any misses right from the beginning. Maybe cats just naturally have excellent "eye-to-paw coordination".

I hope all of you are well. All five of our indoor cats are well and thriving. All of our homeless cats seem to be surviving well. A few of them are looking quite ragged in their coats. But no one appears sick. So I am totally grateful for that.

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