Saturday, December 31, 2016

Very Unusual Daily Jog

Very Unusual Daily JogEver since I have known Scrufty** she has preferred to stick around our home – usually in one of the kitty condos I built for the colony to use on the back car port. Thus, after her surgery I took the calculated risk of letting her out for a supervised walk. Over this last week it has evolved into a rather unique situation. I have needed to increase my exercise lately. When I let her out, I jog as follow her. I allow her to venture a little bit outside of our yard. Once she starts going too far, I stand between her and where she is headed. That is usually enough to prompt her to head back toward our yard. If not, I gently nudge her with the side of a stick. She always turns around. I’m jogging the whole time all of this is happening. So, while Scrufty is sniffing everywhere, sometimes lingering, sometimes rolling in the dirt, and sometimes doing her morning toilet ritual, I’m getting an aerobic workout. If any neighbors see me jogging in place with a stick and a cat, they are probably laughing or at least smiling. But I do not care what they think since this morning walkabout is good for both me and Scrufty. After about 10-20 minutes, Scrufty begins to head back to our house. I open the door, call her in, and she trots back to safety and warmth.

Can you believe it? Now, I’m not deluding myself into believing that I’m training her. She is responding because she does not mind doing so. If she were more willful, I am certain I would have needed to stop this after the first time since I do not want a post-surgical kitty to wander around the neighborhood. Fortunately, she is not strong-willed. Maybe since I brought her pain relief she is willing to comply with my promptings to stick around. Nevertheless, it is an amusing state of affairs.

Footnote: **Scrufty was part of a group of cats who were abandoned by a neighbor of mine in Dec 2006. This winter, it occurred to me that her daily fur loss was a symptom of something wrong with her physically. Our vet found she had very advanced stage of gum disease .. rotten teeth plus severe infection all the way into her throat! Scrufty’s throat was so swollen that the vet could hardly get a tube into her for the surgery. Today she is recovering very from multiple tooth extractions and laser surgeries. Her fur loss has stopped. Yippeeeeeee!!!!!

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