Monday, January 9, 2017

Cat Habits Amazing

Cat Habits AmazingI am always amazed at how cats form some habits and persist with them consistently. Tabby in the photos loves to 'steal' my husband's office chair when he's not occupying it. Also, she sometimes wakes him up early for no apparent reason (has plenty of food).

Then I discovered the following link to an article which includes reference to cats being prone to activity at dusk and dawn. The article calls this "crepuscular". I have heard of diurnal and nocturnal but never crepuscular.
 Both Tabby and Tiger Lily have learned to vocalize very annoying sounds. Supposedly they try these out on us and whatever gets the responses they want prompts them to use them perpetually. (Is this like Pavlov's dog in reverse? Should I be embarrassed that they conditioned my responses? (:)

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