Thursday, December 29, 2016

Stripe Cleaned & Well After Trauma

Stripe Cleaned & Well After TraumaAs you can see from these photos, Stripe cleaned up beautifully at the groomer. Contrary to what you might think, her traumatic episode had made her more affectionate. She wants to lay on my lap longer now. So, gratefully, I did not lose any ground with her socialization.

The first and second day, she was trembling in my lap. Now she seems much calmer and very happy to be with us. She is itching to go outside, but I won't allow that.

I will be taking her to a pet store to be part of an adoption event this Sunday, 1/31/10. So say a prayer she attracts the perfect owner. Since Stripe is a 'door dasher' I feel I must screen anyone wanting her by going to their home to check her potential escape routes. And I want potential owners to come to my home to see if Stripe takes to them in her familiar setting.

Thanks for reading my post - leave a comment if you like. I plan to share more about my experiences and what I have learned from managing this homeless colony. Please let your friends know about my blog.

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