Scrufty is a Wiggle Worm

Scrufty is the most standoffish cat we have among the inside rescues. She does not like being picked up and sometimes runs if she sees one of us approaching her to pet her.

But if she sees me coming with a brush, she starts wiggling around. We say she is being a wiggle worm!! Usually, she will let me brush her, totally loving it. She will move into different positions, seeming to delight in being brushed every which way.

And what a sweet, heart-shaped face! She is such a dear one.


FIV Smokey Is Doing Well

That's me below photo-bombing Smokey's selfie :)

Smokey is our rescued FIV positive kitty. (feline HIV)
We thought he might have been getting a respiratory infection recently. We gave him a little bit of vitamin C, more plain cooked meat for awhile, and lots and lots of extra love. It looks like the sneezing has passed. Yippee!!

He is such a sweetheart. Since he loves to play, I call him my kitten man. (The vet says he's roughly 2 years old - he is bigger and stronger than our other cats)

Debby in Arizona


Liddy Changed Her Residence

 We have not seen Liddy come for food since April this year. But a neighbor of mine sees her feeding there often. She says Liddy is sleeping there in her shed and doing fine. We have never had a cat move down the street permanently. Who knows what's in the minds of kitty cats!!


Cat Proof Your Christmas Tree

Here is an interesting article on how to cat-proof your Christmas tree.

And this is our girl Tabby (Tabitha) above

Debby in Arizona


Smokey Hesitates

Here is Smokey (our FIV kitty) hesitating to go out into the cat run. He knows he is safe out there. I guess he is trying to decide where he wants to be. The other cats just rush out when I open the door. They can and do open it themselves. But, if I am in the room with them, I always know when they want out. So I provide door-lady service!

Smokey is doing very well with his two lady roommates. We have grown to love him very much.


Two Homeless Ginger Kitties

We were surprised one time recently when we saw them together. Originally, we thought there was only one ginger kitty. When they come one at a time, I have to see the eyes to be able to tell which one is present. Once my husband got these fantastic photos to help compare them, I can see a difference in the jowls (sides of face) and the fur. Cinnamon is more mottled than Nutmeg. Also, Nutmeg does not seem as skittish as Cinnamon. So maybe eventually we can trap and domesticate Nutmeg. Cinnamon has totally evaded our attempts to trap and neuter him over the last year.

They are so beautiful. I totally love orange tabby cat fur!! I just wish these sweeties were not homeless.



Where Did Tiger Learn to Geiger?

Tiger is such an amazingly affectionate cat for being formerly feral. In bed awhile ago at night she decided to flop next to me with her head against my head, face or ear, then purr herself to sleep. Unfortunately, I cannot sleep with this position due to the fact that her purr is loud and like a Geiger counter - rapid, staccato sounds - sounding off near my ear. (her purr is not the soft, deep, smooth, mellow kind)

I wish I had a photo of her doing this (she's nuzzling while I'm smiling) but I never think to bring my cell phone to bed! I let her stay laying on me for awhile before I encourage her to move to another location on the bed. When I think of how she initiated this move on her own, and also to nuzzle the side of her face against mine every so often, is so endearing that it is so difficult to decide to move her away. I am so touched by this show of affection!!

Debby in Arizona


Tiger Lilly Uses Paw in Unusual Way

Tiger Lilly was formerly feral before 3 dogs attacked her and we nursed her back to wellness. Can any of you figure why she would have taught herself this trick? The video is only 1/2 minute even though she kept up the behavior longer.


Blessings to all of you!
Debby in Arizona


Stripe's next stage in dealing with the new cat Smokey -> she all but stopped coming to me with her affectionate behaviors. She would run off to get away from Smokey who usually follows me around. Then I talked to her, telling her she is still my special girl. About two days later, she showed she was willing to let me pick her up and do our special affectionate activities - nuzzling, brushing, holding, petting.

I am so happy she is coming around!!

Debby in Arizona


Stripe is Still Somewhat Intimidated by Smokey

Stripe is still a little bit intimidated by Smokey. But he is working on helping her to trust him.

He comes up to her and they go nose-to-nose which she accepts but she is still a little bit agitated at other times.

I feel certain they will learn to love each other.

Debby in Arizona