Bootsy is Sluggish

In the daytime, Bootsy, one of our ferals, used to lay around like you see in the photo. Recently he has been laying on his side with his head down. It has not been very hot yet here in Northern Arizona - in the high 70's F. yesterday. So it is not the weather doing it.

We are praying that he has not been ill, as there is nothing we can do to help him if he is.

Hoping all of you are doing fabulously - Debby in AZ


Soothing the Savage Tiger Beastie

I like being in the sun to meditate. Sometimes, I like to sit in the chair next to Tiger in the window as you see her in this photo. I put my right arm on the edge of the ledge and she pushes up next to my arm. Usually, as soon as she is pressing her body into my arm, she won't stop wiggling around - who knows why. 

Today I tried something new. I said to her over and over again very slowly as she was wiggling, "Tiger, be at peace. Be at peace. Be at peace." I could hardly believe it as she calmed down immediately. I said it slowly over and over again. As I stopped the directive, she remained perfectly still as long as I was there. So I was able to meditate in peace, in the sun, next to my beloved Tiger Lilly.

I would never have imagined she would be that suggestible, even if it was unconsciously on her part. We all know that with cats it's almost always on their terms!


Tiger Has a Treats Addiction

Tiger, I am not going to just pop a treat into your mouth no matter how long you lay there with your mouth open.

Yikes. The ultimate in lazy cattitude.

Hope all of you are well. All of our crew seems to be doing well at this time.

Debby in Arizona


Cleaning up from Winter

Scrufty says, "Oh no! What are you human beans up to now."

We are up to cleaning things up for spring. We have to vacuum the cat run since the kitties are always tracking in pieces of leaves the wind blows to us.

Hey, blogosphere people - here is an interesting article on fleas.

click here

I don't know anything about the products in the article. So I don't endorse them.

We are lucky not to get them this part of Arizona. But I remember how pesky and ubiquitous they were when I lived in Pennsylvania.

Wishing everyone an early spring!

Debby in Arizona


Claire Was Adopted!!!

Hey - Great news!  Claire was just adopted - yippee!

She is going to a home with a young couple who don't have other cats. Based on Claire's personality, this is just what she needs!

We rescued her from a local park in November 2013 with her foot stuck in her collar which was heavily mangled (her foot was OK)

Every kitty deserves a forever home.


Tiger Kitty Gives Raspberries

Tiger Lilly is giving the raspberries to Tabby. Looks to me as if she is jealous of the extra attention we gave Tabby while she was sick.(almost back to normal, btw)

Tiger is not an Alpha kitty, but she IS very needy for a cat.

Tiger thinks she is getting one over on Tabby by devouring so much of the available oat grass.


Tabby is Better

Regarding Tabby's severe constipation, we have been doing what the vet suggested (Laxitone every day). And, since she has not been drinking, my husband had the idea of using a syringe (no needle) to give her water orally. (yes the vet told us wet food is 75% water, but she has not been eating wet food). She has been nibbling at a bit of tuna and turkey when it is offered.

So now, at the end of her third day of home-based treatments, Tabby created a sizable pile of nitrogenous waste  :)

We are going to keep our vet appointment for tomorrow just to be sure she does not need something else. We made it in case she needed an enema or xrays for blockage.

Thank you all for your purr-ayers!!!!!

Debby in Arizona

(ps - I am wondering if we might be the only area in the US that has not had any snow this winter)


Tabby Needs To Move Things Along

Tabby was sluggish over the weekend. Then she stopped eating for two days. The vet said she probably has a hairball and gave her a subcutaneous shot of fluids to help her bowels. Of course we are giving her Laxitone. She has not started eating again yet as we just went to the vet today.

Pray that she will pass it. And my husband is quite distressed that his baby is not feeling well.

Hope all of you are doing great.

Debby in Arizona (70 + degree weather coming up over the next few days)


Ferals are doing well for their age

Grizzabella (the black one) is looking quite ragged - she just does not have the energy she used to. Bootsy seems to be a little more energetic, though he is less so than he used to be. They are both 6 1/2 years old. I guess that's quite a high age for two ferals. I remember their mothers nursing them on our back porch.


Claire Crying Alone in a Park

Meet Claire - my husband and I found her when we went to a local part for a hike on Thanksgiving Day. She was crying incessantly, hiding under an evergreen bush. Once I coaxed her to come out, I found her upper front leg was caught in her collar, which was mostly shredded. She was skinny, but looked healthy - shiny coat - no mange - no wounds. So we put a notice (without photos) on Craigslist - several days re-posting - but we have not found her owner. Maybe someone abandoned her there.

She is so sweet - a lovey kitty with me right away. We are working on getting her adopted. Meanwhile, it's been a bit trying as we integrated her into our indoor kitty clan - she has been hissing, but is doing less of that now, thankfully.

Say a prayer we can find her a loving, secure home. My husband and I do not have the resources to take on any more cats.

Hope all of you had great holidays!

Debby in Arizona