Bootsy is Gone

Bootsy disappeared on August 14th. He was acting like a cat who wanted to crawl off to die on his own terms. We have not seen him at all since August 14th. He had been eating 2 meals a day on our back porch for 7 years, never missing a day. He was not prone to wander off for days or weeks at a time. He was truly a homebody. Even though he never let us touch him, we will miss him as we would miss a family member.

Although we have not found his body, we feel certain that he is no longer with us. It is our deepest hope that he passed with little or no suffering.

In the near future, I will be posting retrospectives with photos of him over the years.

I thank all of you for your prayers. They mean allot to me.


Bootsy Is Still Gone

Bootsy has been gone for five days now. He has never been away from our back yard for more than a few hours over his 7 year life. So we feel certain he has gone off to die.

We still have several left in the feral colony - plus five indoor only domesticated ones. So we have plenty of love wrapped-in-fur to keep us engaged in supporting the living.

Thank you for your prayers!!!

Debby in Arizona


Bootsy Needs Prayers


Our household is filled with sadness today. We believe our 7 y.o. feral, Bootsy, has crawled off somewhere to die.

For his entire life, he has always been the first one to show up for breakfast.  Plus, unlike the other cats, his usual pattern is to hang out most of the day near our back porch. He has never been away for days like he is now.

One day last week, I noticed he was not coming around for food all day. I found him underneath a neighbor's RV. I looked right at him from a distance, with food in a bowl, and called him along with my signature whistle. Routinely for years if I call his name and whistle he comes for food. He has always been food motivated. But he just laid under the RV. Later that day, we found him laying under my car. We put food nearby. He never came out for it.

He has not really been his usual spry self for awhile. But he has been active and doing basic routines up until last week.  One day about a week ago, we saw him eating a bunny he killed. When I went out to dispose of the remaining carcass, there was none. It appears as if he ate it all including the bones. He has done that with birds in the past. But I have never seen him kill a bunny. I suspect he may have incurred either a blockage or internal injury from the rabbit bones.

Even though he never let us touch him, he has been part of our feral colony from the beginning. He is like family. Our hearts are aching and we are doing allot of weeping today.

Please pray for him. We are praying his system will shut him down so he is not in pain if he is dying. And we are praying his soul takes him so he does not have to suffer in any way.

Debby in Arizona


Tiger Curled up Like a Bug

I have had many cats who curl their heads down when they sleep. This includes tucking the head under so the top of the head is on the sofa. Some of them go into even more of a fetal position than Tiger Lilly is doing in this photo.

Does anyone know anything about this? Is it a memory of being in the mother's womb? I did not find much on the Internet... something there about conserving body warmth and being smaller in relation to not being spotted by potential predators.

Sometimes I think I might be a little overly curious!

Debby in Arizona


Bootsy is Listless

Bootsy, one of our 7 year old feral cats, has been laying around continually in the daytime since it has been hot. He is eating.

We are hoping it is just the heat. Usually, in the early summer here in the Northern parts of AZ, it's only in the 80's. But it has been in the 90's more often this year.

Please say a prayer for Bootsy that it's just the heat and that he is not ill.

Debby in Arizona


Interesting Cat Sounds

Here is a good article on cat sounds - also, there are cute videos here with cat sounds.

Our cats chatter at birds as in one of the videos with this -

Hope all of you are doing well - happy summer!
Debby, Arizona


Suffering in Draught

This is the first year that birds have been eating our cats' dry food off and on all day, every day. We believe it must be because they are having trouble finding specimens of what they usually eat in nature. This past year has been the driest I have seen since I have been here (8 years). Everything looks totally scorched. These photos show the birds on top of my garden fence, where we have secured a plastic dish full of dry cat food. This helps keep them away from the cats who, naturally, love to kill them. The spotted one in the last photo usually sits there, waiting for Daddy robin to come feed her mouth to mouth with the dry food. Please say a prayer for the wildlife in Northern Arizona. Thank you! - Debby


One Hairy Dudette

Stripe, my long-hair tortie, has been coughing up HUGE hair LOGS more often than usual since she is shedding. I brush her vigorously for long periods of time each day.

Yesterday as I was brushing her I said to her,

"You are one hairy dudette - with all this brushing and the work you do on your coat with your tongue, I am surprised you are not bald."

She is my favorite of all the five indoor cats. She is just so loving - nuzzles me, lays on my lap, and looks into my eyes so sweetly. She is such a gift.

Debby in Arizona


Bootsy Makes Us Sad

Today, Bootsy, one of our ferals, killed a bird and left it for us near our back door, presumably as a gift. He has been doing this at least every few weeks lately. This is the first time he left the dead bird wholly intact. Usually he eats all but the beak and feet. We do understand this is what cats do, part of their nature. But it makes us sad. My husband and I both love the song birds.

And, of course, we still love Bootsy and his fellow ferals with all of our hearts.

I hope the kitties with all of you who read this are doing fabulously.

Debby in Northern Arizona


Bootsy is Sluggish

In the daytime, Bootsy, one of our ferals, used to lay around like you see in the photo. Recently he has been laying on his side with his head down. It has not been very hot yet here in Northern Arizona - in the high 70's F. yesterday. So it is not the weather doing it.

We are praying that he has not been ill, as there is nothing we can do to help him if he is.

Hoping all of you are doing fabulously - Debby in AZ