Cinnamon Needs Prayers

Please pray for Cinnamon, one of our feral cats, Prescott Valley Arizona USA. His right front paw is injured. The injury occurred long after this photo was taken. Previously, he was only favoring his paw. Now he is not putting any weight at all on the injured foot. He just limps away after he eats. After many tries, we have been unsuccessful at trapping him.


Bless our Earth in Advance

Posting a day in advance - maybe this would inspire some people to do something loving for the environment tomorrow. Of course, you could say that caring for rescued kitties qualifies for helping the environment!!


Praise for all Who Rescue Kitties

I give a big happy thank you to all who rescue kitties!!
You are really making a difference.

Here is a photo of three of our adopted ones who were rescued from being homeless. They are all doing well.

Yippee for kitty love!!!!


Nobody Rules Yet Everyone's Territorial

They really like their own space.
I guess that's true for all kitties.

From left to right:
Stripe, Smokey, Scrufty

Finally, they seem to be adjusted to the new person, Smokey.

Debby in Arizona


Grizzle (a.k.a. Grizzabella) is Still a Regular

Grizzle has been on our porch more than before. We made a cat condo out of a storage bin - she has been going in that even though she never did before.  A feral's adaptive skills/potential is always amazing to me!!!

My husband loves giving her scraps from our meats in addition to her usual foods. He is the photographer for most of the photos I post on this blog. And he loves caring for the cats, inside and out!!!

Blessings to all of you from Debby and Stew in Arizona


Grizzabella Loves Mouse Watching

Grizzle, one of our ferals, has been hovering at a place where we suspect she senses a mouse. We have not seen it. But she is definitely in predator mode, looking like she is ready to lunge at any moment.

I love all creatures. Yet I hope she discourages mice from living on our property since one of them destroyed my alternator belt this past summer.

I have seen Grizzle leaping and bounding around, apparently after some sort of insect in the air. She is amazingly spry and lively for an 8 1/2 year old feral !!!

We have a neighbor who prefers the name Grizzabella. Actually, I do too, but I forget to use it since I have been calling her Grizzle for so many years. I gave her that name since, when running as a wee kitten, she reminded me of a Grizzly Bear.

Blessings to all of you,

Debby in Arizona


Scrufty is a Wiggle Worm

Scrufty is the most standoffish cat we have among the inside rescues. She does not like being picked up and sometimes runs if she sees one of us approaching her to pet her.

But if she sees me coming with a brush, she starts wiggling around. We say she is being a wiggle worm!! Usually, she will let me brush her, totally loving it. She will move into different positions, seeming to delight in being brushed every which way.

And what a sweet, heart-shaped face! She is such a dear one.


FIV Smokey Is Doing Well

That's me below photo-bombing Smokey's selfie :)

Smokey is our rescued FIV positive kitty. (feline HIV)
We thought he might have been getting a respiratory infection recently. We gave him a little bit of vitamin C, more plain cooked meat for awhile, and lots and lots of extra love. It looks like the sneezing has passed. Yippee!!

He is such a sweetheart. Since he loves to play, I call him my kitten man. (The vet says he's roughly 2 years old - he is bigger and stronger than our other cats)

Debby in Arizona


Liddy Changed Her Residence

 We have not seen Liddy come for food since April this year. But a neighbor of mine sees her feeding there often. She says Liddy is sleeping there in her shed and doing fine. We have never had a cat move down the street permanently. Who knows what's in the minds of kitty cats!!


Cat Proof Your Christmas Tree

Here is an interesting article on how to cat-proof your Christmas tree.

And this is our girl Tabby (Tabitha) above

Debby in Arizona