Tiger Loves Her Cat Grass

Tiger is enjoying the cat grass I grow for the indoor kitties during the winter months

In the summer they prefer grasses that grow outdoors, which I bring in daily


Two Adopted - Previously Fosters

I think it would be accurate to say that my husband, Stew, loves all of our cats, homeless and adopted, as much or maybe even more than I do! He is such a gem, taking great care to love them all in so many ways. And they love him as well. Two others (not in this photo) always want to curl up with him at night.

Here he is with Scrufty to his right and Panther to his left. Originally, these two were supposed to be fosters. But they have become so very precious to us. So, even though our resources are stretched tightly when they need vet care, we have adopted them - along with the other formerly foster, Stripe, who is not in the photo.

I wish I had more time to post and comment - will attempt to participate more over time as my schedule allows.  I love all of my cat blogger friends!! Hoping your kitties stay or become their healthiest!

Debby in Arizona


4 New Homeless Cats Recently Showed Up

I found out from a neighbor one street away that a man with mental/emotional problems was taken from his home by Adult Protective Services. He must have been a hoarder. For whatever reason, he did not make arrangements for his many many cats to be relocated. Maybe he did not have time or the mental capacity to get the job done. He let out some of them and others were trapped in his garage, later rescued by neighbors and workmen. I still have no idea how many he had before he left.

So now we have 4 eating here - so elusive that my husband only has been able to photograph one of them. (in the link to the prior post below). At the time, I did not notice the differences. Actually, we have 3 totally black long-haired ones. The one that I thought was Surprise is really Hector since the amount of fur they have around their faces is different.


We did get one neutered. He was too feral for us to consider domesticating. So we had to release him outside again.

Suddenly a second one showed up with a tipped ear. So we only have 2 more to spay/neuter. Others are being trapped and fed by neighbors.

I just wish there would be a way to educate more citizens everywhere about spay/neuter, especially since you can get it done through a local rescue agency here for no fee if you are financially challenged.

7 years since he saved Tiger Lily

Tiger Watching Birds Out of a Window

Today it's been 7 years since my husband leaped over a six foot fence (pure adrenaline - he was old with joint problems) to rescue Tiger Lily from 3 dogs attacking her all at the same time.

It was astounding that she did not have internal injuries. They merely fractured and severed her back left femur.

Here is her story if you feel like a retrospective.


Hoping you all had a wondrous Thanksgiving.

Debby in Arizona


Adopting Formerly Ferals

Have you ever considered adopting a feral that someone else domesticated? Or perhaps have you or someone you know brought a feral inside to help it survive the winter?

Here is an article that would be helpful. Click Here

I have experienced how 3 formerly ferals did not want to go to a prospective new owner.

Have a great Halloween!

Debby in Arizona

Tiger Lily Is Changing Her Habits

Usually, it's only my husband, Tabby (not pictured here) and myself on our bed each night. But lately, Tiger Lily has been joining us. She does not want to sleep on the pillow I have placed there for her. She lays on the edge of MY pillow, purring and trying to lick my hair (which I don't allow). It's such a happy feeling that all of us are together this way!!


One of the New Strays

Here is Surprise, one of the two new strays who come fairly regularly. I suspect Surprise was abandoned since he is not fussy about the food like a neighbor's cat is.

Two very different expressions.

He/she looks like about a year or two old.

The orange tabby is too skittish to let my husband take a photo.

We are planning to trap and spay/neuter both of them. Maybe we will get lucky and one or both could be domesticated. We have a few good adoption programs locally.

Thanks for commenting!!!

Missy is Surviving the Cancer

I was not clear in my previous post - my friend in New York who rescued the dumped cat, Missy, did take the stray cat home, called her Missy, found out she had cancer in her tail, and had that part of the tail removed so she should be fine now. Isn't she cute?

This is before she had part of the tail removed.


Two New Stray Cats

Unfortunately, these two new ones are so skittish that my husband cannot get a photo of them.

One is black with green eyes - we are calling him Surprise.
The other is an orange tabby - we are calling him Cinnamon.

I plan to put the trapping cages out for them soon, hoping we can see if they are fixed and if they have any diseases.

I have a friend who recently found an abandoned cat. She named her Missy. She is so affectionate. After a few months of adopting her, my friend found that Missy had cancer on her tail. I don't know how you could dump such a sweet cat if you know she will die a slow painful death. My friend knows she was dumped since one of the security guards at the institution where she was found saw the person drive up, put the cat out on the grounds, then drive away.

Debby in Arizona


Bootsy We Miss You

Bootsy was a feral with us for 7 years. I was much more fond of him than most of the others. The last day I saw him was 8.14.2014. He had a really fun personality.

Here is a bit of a retrospective - some of my favorite photos of him over the years -
Bootsy n brother Tuxedo
Putting his brother in his place
1st lady friend, Samantha, who lost an eye - they posed themselves
Playing with toy mouse
He was very food motivated
Catnip Ecstasy

Panther Doing Well

It's so interesting how Panther's expression in photos always makes her look like she is miffed or unhappy. But when you look at her in real life she has the sweetest expression and sweet, loving eyes.

It was a bit crazy here while we supported her through the 2 weeks with the Elizabethan collar on, until she could get her stitches out.

She is doing really well and back to her usual habit of going out into the cat run, which she could not do with the collar.

Yea! Panther I am so happy you are doing well after surgery!


Panther's Progress

Panther is doing really well 3 days after surgery for her abscess. The vet says she is healing really well. We had the drain taken out at the vet today. I can hardly wait until I can take off her collar and let her out in our cat run again. The vet does not want us to do that until 2 weeks after her surgery. Fortunately, being couped up in her holding cage is not depressing her.

I thought I could close off the cat run and let her walk around in the room to stretch her legs. But she ran around like a maniac, freaking out. So instead of that now, I take her out and hold her with me on top of her cat tower so she can look out and do some window wiffing. She is such a good cat!!!


Panther Had SurgeryToday

I have not even had a chance to post a memory-lane post for our beloved, departed Bootsy, when I discovered that Panther, another rescue, had an abscess near her tail.

She was licking it allot, and it looked really raw, so I got her right to the vet. The next day (today) she had surgery. Apparently,  an anal gland was involved. Stuff was drained out and she was sewn up. Her blood test showed everything else is good for her.  Thank God!!!

Now the poor thing has to have a collar on for two weeks until the stitches are removed. I'll be giving her more pain medication over the next few days. She'll have the drain removed Saturday (that's the thing that looks like a string in the photos).

The good news is that she seems anxious to get out of her holding cage (don't want the other cats to mess with her wound) - so she must be feeling pretty good.

I am always a bit shocked at the vet bills ( $526.00 this time ) although I should not be after all these years. I have Care Credit, so I only have to pay it off over time. I have been saving a little bit of money here and there for such emergencies, which means I'll be starting over again on that fund. If anyone feels like helping a bit, I have a PayPal button on the right side of my blog. And I would be so grateful!!!

We inherited our kitty colony soon after we moved into this house (a neighbor abandoned over twenty-five). None of them were ours originally. Panther must have been dropped off, as she was not part of the bunch from next door. She had to have all of her teeth removed years ago as they were in bad shape.

I was not prepared financially to care for so many. But I could not stand by and watch them starve, breed and suffer. I got some financial help from a rescue agency when we spay/neutered over 34 cats in two years. And I am so grateful to my blogosphere friends who have helped me defray other costs which arise as the colony ages. Somehow, God always provides!! Gratitude is definitely the key to happiness in this crazy mixed up world.


Bootsy is Gone

Bootsy disappeared on August 14th. He was acting like a cat who wanted to crawl off to die on his own terms. We have not seen him at all since August 14th. He had been eating 2 meals a day on our back porch for 7 years, never missing a day. He was not prone to wander off for days or weeks at a time. He was truly a homebody. Even though he never let us touch him, we will miss him as we would miss a family member.

Although we have not found his body, we feel certain that he is no longer with us. It is our deepest hope that he passed with little or no suffering.

In the near future, I will be posting retrospectives with photos of him over the years.

I thank all of you for your prayers. They mean allot to me.