Tabby's Smack Down

SMACK DOWN - this is what we call this cool activity between my husband and our cat Tabby - literally, she smacks the ball down almost like handball.

It is entertaining - less than a minute long - enjoy!!!



Panther and I Need Prayers

I just found out from the vet on Thursday that our dear rescued Panther has diabetes. She had been losing weight for 2 months. I'm so glad I took her to get checked out. A blood test revealed her disease.

I felt allot of anxiety since I have never given shots to any cat before. I'm doing just fine with that so far. And I'm grateful that Panther lets me give her the shots. She is truly a dear.

Say a prayer for her to adjust well to the insulin.

Debby in Arizona


Scrufty Loves the Cat Run

Scrufty often acts more feral than our two indoor formerly feral kitties. Scrufty does not like to be picked up. Sometimes she won't even let us touch her. If we want to pet her, it has to be on her terms, and not including any scritching of her head.

In the morning she is usually the first one out into the enclosed cat run. And we marvel at how she likes the outdoors so much that she will even go out there when it is freezing cold or sprinkling rain when the others won't join her.

I call her Miss Intrepid!! And we love her cute heart-shaped face. As she was abandoned by neighbors, we have given her a forever home.

Hope all of you are well,

Debby of Arizona


Tiger Checking the Window

It's time for window-wiffing!  Here in Northern Arizona, spring began earlier than usual - in Feb!!



Heartsick for 3 days

I have been heartsick for the last three days.

Driving a local highway in my town, my husband and I watched a beige Chihuahua trotting back and forth across the road. Clearly, it was lost and disoriented. It did not have a collar. Most cars stopped. Then a dark colored SUV slowed, but would not stop. We watched in horror as that person hit the sweet little thing. All of this happened in less than 30 seconds.  If I could have gotten to it before it was hit, I would have taken it to the Humane Society and put him/her on Craigslist. It was not crushed and the heart was still beating, so I picked it up with a blanket and we rushed it to a pet emergency clinic.  I was so distraught that I never thought to check to see if it was male or female. He/she was dead before we got there. 

My intention with not leaving it on the side of the road was to do all I could to prevent prolonged suffering as it was likely to die, though I knew not how long it would take. Also, I wanted to give the sweet little thing the love of being in a soft blanket as I held him/her.

The emergency facility checked for a microchip, but found there was none.  I paid to have community cremation (in with other animals) - had to use my bill money - I did not feel it was right to leave the dog to die on the side of the road. 

Please pray for me to be relieved of the raw sadness I cannot seem to fully release. I have been crying allot. I have been working hard to put myself back together after feeling shattered by this.
Debby in Arizona

I need help - the fee for cremation was $118.00  

If you feel inclined to donate, I have a PayPal button that says "Donate" to the right of this post.
Thank you so much if you can help me with even a small donation. I would scan and email the bill if anyone wants proof.

Nobody has responded to my local Craigslist posts which I made the day this happened so I could give the person closure. I did not include the photo on Craigslist. (the blunt force injury on the dog's neck must have been what killed him) .But I wanted to share it with you so some of you might want to pray for the owner to find my post.


The Cat with a Thousand Faces

My husband's favorite from among our 5 indoor cats is Tabby. (all of these are his great photos) I have wanted to do this post for awhile. I was sick with the flu then laryngitis so I have not been blogging for awhile.

Here is my husband's website - a very accomplished event & landscape photographer for over 40 years.      Click here to see his photos

I think Tabby has so many wonderful expressions - do you feel that way about your cat(s) too?


Tiger Loves Her Cat Grass

Tiger is enjoying the cat grass I grow for the indoor kitties during the winter months

In the summer they prefer grasses that grow outdoors, which I bring in daily


Two Adopted - Previously Fosters

I think it would be accurate to say that my husband, Stew, loves all of our cats, homeless and adopted, as much or maybe even more than I do! He is such a gem, taking great care to love them all in so many ways. And they love him as well. Two others (not in this photo) always want to curl up with him at night.

Here he is with Scrufty to his right and Panther to his left. Originally, these two were supposed to be fosters. But they have become so very precious to us. So, even though our resources are stretched tightly when they need vet care, we have adopted them - along with the other formerly foster, Stripe, who is not in the photo.

I wish I had more time to post and comment - will attempt to participate more over time as my schedule allows.  I love all of my cat blogger friends!! Hoping your kitties stay or become their healthiest!

Debby in Arizona


4 New Homeless Cats Recently Showed Up

I found out from a neighbor one street away that a man with mental/emotional problems was taken from his home by Adult Protective Services. He must have been a hoarder. For whatever reason, he did not make arrangements for his many many cats to be relocated. Maybe he did not have time or the mental capacity to get the job done. He let out some of them and others were trapped in his garage, later rescued by neighbors and workmen. I still have no idea how many he had before he left.

So now we have 4 eating here - so elusive that my husband only has been able to photograph one of them. (in the link to the prior post below). At the time, I did not notice the differences. Actually, we have 3 totally black long-haired ones. The one that I thought was Surprise is really Hector since the amount of fur they have around their faces is different.


We did get one neutered. He was too feral for us to consider domesticating. So we had to release him outside again.

Suddenly a second one showed up with a tipped ear. So we only have 2 more to spay/neuter. Others are being trapped and fed by neighbors.

I just wish there would be a way to educate more citizens everywhere about spay/neuter, especially since you can get it done through a local rescue agency here for no fee if you are financially challenged.

7 years since he saved Tiger Lily

Tiger Watching Birds Out of a Window

Today it's been 7 years since my husband leaped over a four foot fence (pure adrenaline - he was old with joint problems) to rescue Tiger Lily from 3 dogs attacking her all at the same time.

It was astounding that she did not have internal injuries. They merely fractured and severed her back left femur.

Here is her story if you feel like a retrospective.


Hoping you all had a wondrous Thanksgiving.

Debby in Arizona


Adopting Formerly Ferals

Have you ever considered adopting a feral that someone else domesticated? Or perhaps have you or someone you know brought a feral inside to help it survive the winter?

Here is an article that would be helpful. Click Here

I have experienced how 3 formerly ferals did not want to go to a prospective new owner.

Have a great Halloween!

Debby in Arizona

Tiger Lily Is Changing Her Habits

Usually, it's only my husband, Tabby (not pictured here) and myself on our bed each night. But lately, Tiger Lily has been joining us. She does not want to sleep on the pillow I have placed there for her. She lays on the edge of MY pillow, purring and trying to lick my hair (which I don't allow). It's such a happy feeling that all of us are together this way!!