Smokey is One of the New Homeless

Here is Smokey, a new arrival to our homeless crew, cleaning himself on my husband's car. He is always ravenous for food, which is why we think he is homeless.

Actually, we don't know if he is a he or she - have tried allot to catch him for spay/neuter with no success so far. Maybe the hoarder who was recently taken from his home nearby had him in a cage, making him trap wise.

Hope all of you had a great weekend!

Debby in Arizona


Helping Cats n Dogs in Extreme Temperatures

Someone sent me this - thought you might find it interesting and useful

Cool Cats and Hot Dogs by Cast Iron Radiators 4u
Cool Cats and Hot Dogs by Cast Iron Radiators 4u.


Grizzle and Catnip

These are photos of Grizzle (8 years old) enjoying catnip that a friend gave me. She is the last one alive from offspring of our original feral colony, acquired 2007. (we have 3 other new feral visitors who were recently released by a local hoarder.)

Since she has such a hard life, we totally rejoice in doing little things for her to make her life more enjoyable.


Stripe Seems Worried Now that Panther is Gone

Stripe had been living in the same spaces with Panther since 2009 (along with Scrufty, not pictured). Now that Panther is gone, it seems as if Stripe is nervous/worried - she runs from me and sometimes hides. I tell her Panther went to Heaven, and that she does not have to go there now. but she does not seem totally reassured. They say sometimes animals can understand the intention behind your words. I'm just going to keep reassuring her we won't send her away.


Sending Panther to Rainbow Bridge

This is an old photo of Panther. The expression does not convey the absolute gentle sweetness she embodies.

She was doing well with her diabetes. I have been giving her insulin since 5/1/15.

Then, earlier this week, she started throwing up yellow-green liquid. At first I thought it was urine. But it got greener every day. Then she became lethargic. And Wednesday she stopped eating. We took her to the vet. He said there could be multiple things wrong. One kidney is enlarged and the other is atrophied. We agreed to antibiotics and pain killer to give her another chance. But she has not been eating nor drinking. Also, since yesterday, her back legs are not working very well.

We rescued her as a homeless cat in 2008. According to the vet she was probably at least 6 years old then. So, since she is probably advanced in cat years, and we can't bear to see her failing and suffering like this. So my husband and I decided to send her to the Rainbow Bridge today.

As most of you know from your own experiences, this is weighing heavily on our hearts. I will miss her so very much as she was such a joy to have around.

Please pray for her and ask your kitties to send her some purrs.


Tabby's Smack Down

SMACK DOWN - this is what we call this cool activity between my husband and our cat Tabby - literally, she smacks the ball down almost like handball.

It is entertaining - less than a minute long - enjoy!!!



Panther and I Need Prayers

I just found out from the vet on Thursday that our dear rescued Panther has diabetes. She had been losing weight for 2 months. I'm so glad I took her to get checked out. A blood test revealed her disease.

I felt allot of anxiety since I have never given shots to any cat before. I'm doing just fine with that so far. And I'm grateful that Panther lets me give her the shots. She is truly a dear.

Say a prayer for her to adjust well to the insulin.

Debby in Arizona


Scrufty Loves the Cat Run

Scrufty often acts more feral than our two indoor formerly feral kitties. Scrufty does not like to be picked up. Sometimes she won't even let us touch her. If we want to pet her, it has to be on her terms, and not including any scritching of her head.

In the morning she is usually the first one out into the enclosed cat run. And we marvel at how she likes the outdoors so much that she will even go out there when it is freezing cold or sprinkling rain when the others won't join her.

I call her Miss Intrepid!! And we love her cute heart-shaped face. As she was abandoned by neighbors, we have given her a forever home.

Hope all of you are well,

Debby of Arizona


Tiger Checking the Window

It's time for window-wiffing!  Here in Northern Arizona, spring began earlier than usual - in Feb!!



Heartsick for 3 days

I have been heartsick for the last three days.

Driving a local highway in my town, my husband and I watched a beige Chihuahua trotting back and forth across the road. Clearly, it was lost and disoriented. It did not have a collar. Most cars stopped. Then a dark colored SUV slowed, but would not stop. We watched in horror as that person hit the sweet little thing. All of this happened in less than 30 seconds.  If I could have gotten to it before it was hit, I would have taken it to the Humane Society and put him/her on Craigslist. It was not crushed and the heart was still beating, so I picked it up with a blanket and we rushed it to a pet emergency clinic.  I was so distraught that I never thought to check to see if it was male or female. He/she was dead before we got there. 

My intention with not leaving it on the side of the road was to do all I could to prevent prolonged suffering as it was likely to die, though I knew not how long it would take. Also, I wanted to give the sweet little thing the love of being in a soft blanket as I held him/her.

The emergency facility checked for a microchip, but found there was none.  I paid to have community cremation (in with other animals) - had to use my bill money - I did not feel it was right to leave the dog to die on the side of the road. 

Please pray for me to be relieved of the raw sadness I cannot seem to fully release. I have been crying allot. I have been working hard to put myself back together after feeling shattered by this.
Debby in Arizona

I need help - the fee for cremation was $118.00  

If you feel inclined to donate, I have a PayPal button that says "Donate" to the right of this post.
Thank you so much if you can help me with even a small donation. I would scan and email the bill if anyone wants proof.

Nobody has responded to my local Craigslist posts which I made the day this happened so I could give the person closure. I did not include the photo on Craigslist. (the blunt force injury on the dog's neck must have been what killed him) .But I wanted to share it with you so some of you might want to pray for the owner to find my post.