Claire Crying Alone in a Park

Meet Claire - my husband and I found her when we went to a local part for a hike on Thanksgiving Day. She was crying incessantly, hiding under an evergreen bush. Once I coaxed her to come out, I found her upper front leg was caught in her collar, which was mostly shredded. She was skinny, but looked healthy - shiny coat - no mange - no wounds. So we put a notice (without photos) on Craigslist - several days re-posting - but we have not found her owner. Maybe someone abandoned her there.

She is so sweet - a lovey kitty with me right away. We are working on getting her adopted. Meanwhile, it's been a bit trying as we integrated her into our indoor kitty clan - she has been hissing, but is doing less of that now, thankfully.

Say a prayer we can find her a loving, secure home. My husband and I do not have the resources to take on any more cats.

Hope all of you had great holidays!

Debby in Arizona


Debra Taylor said...

I forgot to say that Claire is only 1 yr according to the vet - she really loves when I wave a feather or other toy at her - loves to play!

Fuzzy Tales said...

Poor sweetie. Could the vet tell if she was spayed? Or if there was a microchip?

Purrs to her that finds a wonderful forever home--either with her original humans if they're searching for her, or with new humans if she's been abandoned.

Beth said...

Claire is beautiful. I hope that you find a good home for her.

Loretta Thomas said...

She is so lovely...and her coat is so shiny. Seemingly she wasn't on the street too long. We are purring some great human parents will see her and fall in live with her...then give her a forever home!
Keep us posted. Happy 2014!
Miss Kitty & Sisters

Brian said...

I sure hope that little sweetie gets a home soon, she so deserves a happy.

Flynn said...

She is such a pretty girl. I hope someone will soon give her a home.

Angel and Kirby said...

I guess the collar was not a break-away kind or she could not get enough leverage to break it. I am sorry her owners have not come forward, but a new family will be good to her.

The Cat Guy said...

what a beautiful kitty!! Thanks for rescuing her, you are very kind and gracious. I hope her new home comes soon!

Cathy Keisha said...

Claire is beautiful but is it wise to put her on Craigs’ List?

SquirrelQueen said...

I was wondering about a microchip too. Can your local shelter or a vet scan her?

I have this thing about collars on cats and Claire's entanglement with one is one reason. When we do spay/neuter clinics and someone comes in with their cat in a collar I first ask if it is a breakaway. If no they get a bit of a lecture from me and are told I will be removing it after the cat is sedated.

I hope Claire's owner can be found or a nice forever home.

The Chair Speaks said...

So glad you found Claire. We are purring lots for her to find a warm loving home soon!

Oui Oui said...

Poor girl! She's lucky you came along! We hope you can find a good home for her.

Here are a couple resources for finding her owners:

There are lots of on line resources, and occasionally we get robocalls about missing or found pets. Fortunately, we've never had to use any of these resources, but wish you the best of luck.

Trixie, Lily, and Sammy-Joe said...

Mama says she loves black cats... they're so pretty and magical! We are glad you rescued Claire.

Georgia and Julie said...

What a lovely kitty. It is hard to imagine people abandoning her. Her story sounds so much like our Julie's,only she has some hair loss as a result of being on her own for a while. She is looking lovely now :)
We purr Claire can get a loving home soon and be happy.
Purrs Georgia and Julie,
and Angels Tiger and Tillie

Thank you for your kind thoughts and purrs
when our Tiger crossed the Bridge.
She was a sweet kitty and we miss her .

Caren Gittleman said...

I certainly hope she finds a good home! Beautiful kitty!

tiffany said...

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Katie Isabella said...

Oh thank heavens your husband and you found her and helped her. You are angels.

Katie Isabella said...

Like Cathy Keisha, I am afraid of Craig's List. So many things seem to go wrong. xo