Two Chasing Each Other Fiercely

From these photos of Tiger Lilly sleeping, you would never know that she is one who provokes her companion Tabby. I guess you could call her a provocateur (provocatrice?)

Last night she had Tabby chasing her around the house so fiercely that it was waking me up over the course of two hours. This is not normal for them. Are we having a full moon? Actually, I'm rather glad that they were doing it. As indoor cats they don't get much exercise.

I hope you enjoy the following links regarding articles about cats chasing each other and aggression. Fortunately, I have rarely had to break up an encounter to prevent cats injuring each other -  click on these hyperlinks


Brian said...

Thanks for the links...I am off to read.

Fuzzy Tales said...

Nicki and Derry tussle, but most of the time it's in play. Sometimes it gets a bit too intense and I break it up, but not often. They're evenly matched and do okay with each other.

There ARE homeopathic remedies available for aggression and stress, wish I had known about them when Annie was still alive and always fighting with Nicki the Bully.